Why should you opt for Terrazzo flooring ?

Terrazzo is a trend that can never go out of style. Terrazzo provides bespoke floors that not only create a brilliant visual impact but also are extremely durable.

Terrazzo floors not only provide a premium finish but also provide a wide range of endless color combinations to choose from. Terrazzo is a perfect fit for both interior and exterior applications. The finish can also be matte or glossy, depending on one’s tastes.


In order to design and develop Terrazzo Flooring, a mould or precast is created in which Terrazzo is poured simultaneously while laying the flooring. Alongwith this, the chips are poured in the binder which can be either polymeric i.e. physical binding or cement oriented i.e. chemical binding or a mix of both. Post development of Terrazzo Flooring it is further polished to give a uniform, sheen, anti-skid and textured surface.

Being easy to clean and eco-friendly, these floorings require less maintenance and efforts. Composed of natural elements such as recycled plastic, glass, processed cement, oyster shell, etc. it increases the longevity of the flooring.

Another integral reason for
choosing Terrazzo flooring is its durability. Terrazzo floors are built to stand the rest of time and can undergo any wear and tear.

At Convow, our team of talented professionals and applicators bring your space alive no matter what your interiors are.

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