Microtopping Bathroom Flooring

With Micro Topping you can create a modern, clean and light bathroom without tiles. Cleaning concrete Micro Topping is very simple. Even wiping with a damp cloth is enough to clean the surfaces, adding a small amount of neutral detergent foam.

7Moreover, a number of studies show that Micro Topping is resistant to various chemicals in products that are available for general use. Microtopping is perfect for the upholstery of your bathroom walls and ceilings, especially for all those who love contemporary aesthetics and who do not like interruptions and seams it has better specifications than traditional decorative paints.

Indeed, with this concrete floor covering, even the washbasins, bath and shower faucets can be done, because it has no problem with high humidity. Old tiles do not have to be removed when using Micro Topping, so no hacking and breaking work which also means no dust! The resistance of Microtopping is even greater than that of normal polished flooring (which is already considered extremely resistant) .

The resistance of this flooring has been tested by means of mechanical and thermal loads and against damage, impact, wear and tear, fire, cracks, and chemical and corrosive substances. The inscrutability has also been tested repeatedly and showed excellent results, even under exposure to steam.

Due to the superior technical specifications, it can also be used for underfloor heating: it offers good thermal conductivity, making it heat very quickly and accelerating the heat radiation process. The more the material conducts heat, the lower the energy consumption: this means that your home is heated much faster and you see the savings on your energy bill.

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