Microtopping Flooring Advantages

11MICROTOPPING is a smooth coating of improved cement-based polymer, which can be as thin as paper or built to the thickness you need up to about 1/4 "thicker than what you would build with other products and use Microtopping as the final finish. It has a mechanical compression force usually twice that of normal concrete.It is applied by hand with metal trowels.

You can have a monolithic floor or cut like sloughs, it can be entirely colored or dyed by various means.Microtopping usually It has more character than other concrete floors because it is applied by hand by an expert and each movement creates a unique appearance, your floor will not look like another floor.Microtopping transforms the floors into a continuous and luminous space.It is now possible to modernize an existing environment without having to perform heavy demolition work. 

MicroTopping Advantages

  • It is applied to an existing floor and does not vary the finished floor levels due to its thinness.
  • It allows creating floor patterns in various colors.
  • For floors and walls both interior and exterior due to its resistance to abrasion.
  • It waterproofs the surface due to its high content of acrylics.
  • Low maintenance cost since it only requires mopping.
  • In walls it can be applied on a painted surface after technical evaluation.

Micro-Topping Process

  • Apply the leveling base as a paste, let dry and sand gently after drying.
  • Apply the final coat up to twice with metallic trowels until it is completely polished.
  • Once dry, the transparent sealer is applied.
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